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Product Brief Dulux Wattyl Rockcote.

Novocement Rendering only uses quality products that have been dependable for as long as we’ve been in business. Company’s such as Dulux, Wattyl and Rockcote.

Style of render and colour

There are many styles of render finishes from traditional smooth sand [sponge finish] to scratch, texture and bag finishes, either trowelled or rolled on.

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Virtually any colour can be selected bearing in mind that dark colours increase expansion/contraction of a substrate due to heat absorbed and should be avoided in critical situations. Typically, colours with a LRV [Light Reflective Value] > 35% are specified.


Installation - Preperation

To achieve a quality finish that lasts proper installation and preparation is critical. Render finishes look great but if the install and prep isn’t spot on you could end up with cracking and a disappointing result.


Novocastrian Cement Rendering knows that being on time and working together with other trades is important to a project running smoothly and insuring that whether the substrate is Brick/Blockwork, Hebel, Polystyrene or Harditex that it has been installed correctly with sufficient control joints ect.

Finish Project Completed

We take pride in the enviorment and you personal property. We leave the site as clean and tidy as a professional contractor. 10 Year warranty applied to specific products, make sure to register your details with Dulux.

Cement Render

Traditional "Cement render" means site mixed sand and cement (bulk material mix on site). Some builders / renderers support cement render as the finishing
system for economic reasons. The initial visual look of painted
sponge finish cement render is very similar to acrylic render but there are some differences:

Cement render takes about six weeks to cure before it can be painted
Cement render is around 10mm thick whereas acrylic render can be applied as thin as 4mm.

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Acrylic render

Acrylic render will not display typical sand and cement weaknesses such as herringbone cracking and "drummnes".
Acrylic render can be painted in five days which means saving in scaffolding and time.
Acrylic render comes packed in 20 kilograms bags which means less mess around the job. Acrylic render can be applied as thin as 4mm so less material need to be used.



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In House Wall Rendering

In house wall rendering give you focal point of you premises providing you with professional, smart or contemporary feel. Rendered walls in a professional office is a solution that should be considered.

Whether it be bathrooms, laundry or smartening up your garage Novocastrian Cement Rendering has done it all before..

Corporate Office makeover

Wall and feature wall rendering

Novocastrian Cement Rendering have over 20 years’ experience and are committed to providing you with leading technologies to complete your building or renovating project, with a minimum of fuss. . This is where it all started one of our first jobs was to cement render a family memebers brick fence, from there we have provided many clients the same effect.

Brick wall to rendered EASY!